Ardee Chua
Decoding the Different Editing Styles

Wedding photography styles can be classified into 3 styles, 3 color/editing spectrums and 2 lighting types. Here, we explore three distinctive editing styles that you typically find in wedding photography: Light and Airy, Dark and Moody, and True to Color/Film.

Light and Airy:

Embracing a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic, the light and airy editing style creates images with a soft, luminous quality. This style often involves brightening highlights, softening shadows, and enhancing pastel tones. The result is a timeless and romantic feel that lends a touch of whimsy to your wedding photos. Couples who appreciate a fresh and delicate ambiance often gravitate towards the light and airy editing style, creating a visual symphony of elegance.
DARK AND MOFor those captivated by drama and intensity, the dark and moody editing style weaves a cinematic tapestry of shadows and contrasts. Deepening tones, enhancing textures, and playing with dark hues characterize this style. It adds an element of mystery and sophistication, transforming your wedding photos into emotive and atmospheric masterpieces. Couples seeking a bold and impactful visual narrative find resonance in the dark and moody editing style, making a statement that echoes the depth of their love.

True to Color:

In a nod to authenticity and classic cinematography, the true to color or film editing style preserves the natural tones and hues captured during the wedding day. This style aims to deliver images that mirror the true essence of the moment. Perhaps with added vibrance, the colors still remain faithful to reality, offering a genuine and timeless representation of your special day. Couples who value authenticity, nostalgia, and a classic feel often opt for the true to color or film editing style, creating a visual story that stands the test of time.
Other considerations:Aside from discovering what style resonates most with you and then finding the photographer who can best match that, you'll also want to explore the photographer's philosophy on editing in general. Some photographers will accept nothing but porceline smooth skin, some love and maintain the smallest of details. Some photographers wholly embrace AI to enhance your images while others are more traditional on what they edit in and out. Conclusion:Selecting the right editing style is a crucial step in curating the visual identity of your wedding album. Whether you're drawn to the romantic allure of light and airy, the dramatic flair of dark and moody, or the timeless authenticity of true to color or film, your choice should resonate with the emotions and atmosphere you wish to encapsulate. As you embark on this journey of visual storytelling, may your wedding photos become a testament to the unique beauty of your love story, each image a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your celebration.

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