ardee chua photography | bucket list




If your wedding is themed accordingly, contact me and I'll offer you an incentive if I can shoot your themed wedding.

  • Great Gatsby/20th theme wedding
  • Maori wedding with Haka
  • Old Hollywood
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Wedding during the week of Halloween (and where I can dress up too)
  • Cosplay wedding/Super hero wedding (Wedding party/guests must be in costume (not just a superman shirt underneath a dress shirt)
  • I’ll probably have nightmares but let’s add an American Horror Story themed wedding
  • Disney princess theme / fairy tale (preferably soon after the American Horror Story theme)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Wedding transportation is a hot air balloon or Delorean (bonus if the Delorean really works)
  • Old time carnival (with someone dressed as a carnie)
  • Themed after my favorite TV shows: Star Trek, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead
  • Live mariachi band
  • Tim Burton
  • BOHO
  • Wedding ceremony in a forest (during the spring or summer)
  • Wedding at a gun range (not just a backyard but an actual gun range)
  • Traditional Japanese wedding
  • Celtic wedding
  • Weddings at the following Middle TN venues: Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, White Dove Barn, Wild Turkey Ranch, Ruby
  • Weddings in the following places: Bay Area, California, St. Paul, MN, Chicago, Michigan, Puerto Rico


Discounts/incentives will vary from theme to theme (how epic it is).  

If you have any other wedding theme ideas that are not in this list, let me know!