Your wedding is about YOU, but I'll ask permission to be selfish on this page.  

I'm looking for unique weddings to shoot; if your wedding is themed accordingly, hire me and I'll offer you an incentive.   I also do a few destination weddings a year; bonus points for places I'd love to visit.   I'm a preferred vendor for some awesome venues in Middle TN; see the list below.  If you're using that venue, I'll also offer you a discount.  Finally, to thank our first responders and those that work with our children, I'm also offering discounts to those who serve us in the listed professions. 

  • Great Gatsby/20th century
  • Maori wedding with Haka
  • Old Hollywood
  • A wedding during the week of Halloween (and where I can dress up too)
  • Cosplay wedding
  • (I’ll probably have nightmares) an American Horror Story
  • Disney princess theme / fairy tale (preferably soon after the American Horror Story theme)
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Wedding transportation is a hot air balloon or Delorean
  • Old-time carnival (with someone dressed as a carnie)
  • Tim Burton
  • BOHO
  • Wedding ceremony in a forest
  • Wedding at a gun range
  • Traditional Japanese wedding
  • Celtic wedding
  • Weddings in the following geographic places: Bay Area, CA, St. Paul, MN, Chicago, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Iceland
  • I'm also a preferred vendor at the following venues.  If you are using one of these venues, contact me for special pricing:
    • Carriage Lane Inn
    • Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
    • White Dove Barn
    • Wild Turkey Ranch
    • Firefly Lane
    • Grace Valley Farm
  • Finally, if you are in the military, police, or a teacher, please let me know.  

Discounts/incentives vary and subject to change.