Growing up in California, I love In-Out Burgers.   They offer one of the juicest and tastiest burgers you'll ever have.   They have a single burger in their menu.  You only have the choice of adding cheese (and another meat patty).  

Other burger places will try to be the best burger by adding all sorts of ingrediens; these options suddently become ordering said burger a stressful endeavour (and one may argue, distract from what is a good burger).  (I'm sorry; coleslaw, mac & cheese and cheese I can't pronounce - those don't belong in a burger)

In the flavor tasteful simplicity, I offer one package:  8 hours of wedding day coverage with 2 photographers and an engagement session. 

When I first started, I simply charged the hour and sold a lot 6 and 7 hour packages.   Those were always rushed on what should be the most romantic day of a couple's life.   I also sold some 10 or even "all day" packages and I found that folks don't need 2 hours of getting ready pictures and they were often had smile fatigue before we even started group photos.   Most folks also don't need 2 hours of dancing photos because after a while, the photos became repetitive.   8 hours seemed to strike the goldilocks balance that is just right. 

I will always be one of the 2 photographers who will show up in your wedding.  As you select a photographer, be wary of something I firmly disagree with in our industry.  That's photographers who market themselves to success, only to send out an 'associate photographer' to actually be the one who shoots your wedding.  Not me.  You'll interview me.  I'll show up to your wedding.  I'll edit your photos.  I'm even the one mailing out your USB drive.

This package also includes a 90 mins engagement session.  Aside from giving your engagement and wedding photos the same aesthetic, this is a time to get to know each other and I'll teach you the basic poses that we'll call upon at your wedding day.

So there you have it.  I have one package.  It should fit most every wedding timeline out there.   If you ask, I can still offer an 'all day package'.  These are perhaps for those less common circumstances where your getting ready location, ceremony area and reception venue are all in different places.   Even In-Out allows you to order an extra meat patty.