Growing up in California, I love In-Out Burgers.   They offer one of the juicest and tastiest burgers you'll ever have.   They have a single burger in their menu.  You only have the choice of adding cheese (and another meat patty).  

Other burger places will try to be the best burger by adding all sorts of ingredients.  And ordering a simple burger becomes a stressful endeavour.  One may also argue, distract from what is a good burger.  (It's also my opinion that mac & cheese do not belong in a burger.)

In flavor tasteful simplicity, I offer one package:  8 hours of wedding day coverage with 2 photographers and an engagement session. 

When I first started, I charged by the hour and I sold mostly 6 and 7 hour packages.   Those were always rushed on what should be the most romantic day of a your life.   I also sold some 10 or "all day" packages and I found that folks don't need 2 hours of getting ready pictures and many started to have 'smile-fatigue' even before we even started group photos.   Most also don't need 2 hours of dancing pictures because after a while, they were repetitive.   8 hours struck the goldilocks balance that is just right. 

My 8 hour package also includes a 90 minute engagement session.  Aside from giving your engagement and wedding photos the same aesthetic, this is a time to get to know each other and during which, I'll teach you the basic poses that we'll call upon at your wedding day.

That is why I only sell 8 hour packages now, and why I include an engagement session.