Price and aesthetic of photography are important, but how you feel during and what you actually get is what matters!    I share with you a few big tips to help you find the right photographer!

1. Ask to see a full wedding album/gallery (not just a sample or what's is on their website).   Much like you judge a meal by how it tastes (and not just the icing) or you judge the whole dress and not just a button, you should evaluate a photographer by their average work and not just the 'best of'.  Every album may have an epic photo of the couple in the sunset, but how do the other "in-between" moments look?  Luke can get a phtographer one epic shoot, but being able to tell a whole story with  700+ great images is something only experienced and skilled wedding photographers are able to do.   

As you review a photographer's work, make sure they are actual weddings and not "styled" or model shoots or 'fake weddings' that are often staged (for good reason) to highlight vendors and venue.  While they can give an idea of a photographer's work, they only tell part of the story because part of being a good photographer is managing that day and shooting in less than ideal situations.  Likewise, you should ask for weddings that have less than ideal situations such as rain, dark venues, etc.  

You can always look at my sample work under <PORTFOLIO>, but contact me soon after.  Tell me about your wedding, and I'll share with you a few full wedding galleries.

2. After you see a photographer's full work, interview the photographer.   You are hiring someone not just to take your pictures, but to spend the the day with you and your loved ones.  This person will be responsible for bringing the best out of everyone.  By spending about 45 minutes with a person (and hopefully asking tough questions), you'll get a feel for this person (chemistry?).  Everyone has a different personality.  We each work differently.  Our approach to wedding photography is as unique as each individual.   There is no right or wrong, but there a best photographer for you. 

3. As you select a photographer, be wary of something I firmly disagree with in our industry: photographers who may be talented and eventually build find great success.  In an effort to expand their company, they use their brand to book more weddings than is feasible for a single person to do on their own.   They hire  an 'associate photographer' to actually be the one who shows up at your wedding.   Not with me.  Once you interview me and hire me,  I will be the one working at your wedding.  I edit your photos.  I am even the one mailing out your USB drive when finished.  That is the only way one can consistently promise great work.  As you interview photographers, always ask who will show up to your wedding and who edits them.  

Most professional wedding photography (in the Nashville, TN area) will range from $2500-$5000 and up.   I only offer one wedding pacakge which will include a second shooter and an engagement session as an option.  

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*All packages include print release/files.  Prices subject to change.  All sales final; no refunds.  See service contract for all other terms/agreements.

** Additional travel fees may be applicable if services are conducted outside of Nashville or Middle Tennessee.