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Hi; thank you for visiting my website!

A couple of years ago, professional photography was the last thing on my mind.   As any proud father, I took many pictures of my little girl, Kylee.  They were the required pictures of her drawing with crayons.  I was the soccer-dad with the camera.  Every minute at violin recitals was a hallmark moment.  Aside from capturing those memories for later, I really enjoyed the process of taking a picture.  However, if I had any option involving attending a wedding, I would always vote for binge-watching on Netflix instead.   It wasn't too long however and Kylee hit middle school; taking pictures with dad wasn't cool anymore.

Desperate for something (or someone) to shoot, I started to walk around my city of Nashville (and whatever city my day job in IT would take me) with a camera.    I have one rule when I street shoot; before I take a picture, I ask if there is already a postcard of it.  If there is, I don't take the same picture.   For that reason, most of my street photography isn't landscapes but instead, it's usually of people.  I knew that I might never see these strangers again but being able to give them something as intimate as a portrait was an incredible feeling.   I kept learning about photography and with that learning came the need to acquire more and more stuff until the cost of this hobby started to scare the family.

To curtail their fears, I started to shoot as an assistant (second shooting) for a good friend who happened to already be an awesome wedding photographer.   I fell in love with the wedding event and the industry.  Where else can you work to capture people at their best at the happiest day of their lives?  It was filled with emotion, stories, and cake.    It wasn't long until I started to shoot weddings on my own.  I took the same philosophy and style of how I shoot strangers on the street to how I shoot weddings.  Eliciting and capturing emotion is the most important thing for me.   Jim Valvano once said, "If you laugh, you think, you cry, that's a full day."  That's my goal with my work.

This isn't just a job for me; it's a labor of love.  It's something I'm passionate about and I continue to learn and grow.  A wonderful benefit is I shoot weddings with my best friends (who are also professional photographers) and my daughter, Kylee (who has started to pick up videography as well).   We always have an absolute blast doing this (and all our clients do too!)  Everyone looks their best when they are happy right?!


I shoot primarily in Nashville, but on occasion, I find myself in major cities all over Northern America.   If we run into each other, let me take your portrait.  If you're getting married (or know someone who is), let's talk.  I would love to be your photographer.