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I wasn't always a wedding photographer.  I started as a hobbyist taking pictures of my daughter until she tired of it.  Desperate for models and subjects, I started to walk around Nashville with my camera (and wherever city business would take me).  I loved meeting new people, creating this authentic connection with them and while I may never see them again - being able to give them something as intimate as a portrait.  I took this style to weddings - photojournalistic, lots of story-telling and showing people at their best.  I feel honored whenever I shoot a wedding.  I love being part of a person's most important event.  Weddings... its where you see human drama unfold and when emotions run wild!  Every moment a chance to capture something epic.

Street photography and weddings - those are my passions.  Where there is a story to tell or an emotion to capture; I want to be there with my camera.  In Nashville or any city where I happen to be, that's where I shoot.  Perhaps I'll run into you and take your picture!